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A Local's Guide to Bath 

Alexandra, Founder of Instagram account @batheats, shares with us her favourite spots in the enchanting city of Bath. We have pinned all of Alexandra's wonderful recommendations on a Google Map here. Read on and get inspired on how to eat, drink and shop like a true Bathonian.

Photo of Beckford Bottle Shop, Bath

Tell us a bit about you and your connection to the beautiful city of Bath?

I moved to Bath in 2014 to study my undergraduate degree at the University of Bath. I absolutely loved living in Bath! It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived in. I now work in London but I try to come back as much as possible both because it’s a nice escape but also to create content. 

What inspired you to start @batheats, and how have you remained dedicated to posting? 

Whenever I went on holiday or to London for the weekend I would look for food recommendations on instagram. One day I was in the library procrastinating my second year exams (oops) and decided to see if there were any food accounts for Bath. I realised that there were no active ones so I decided to create my own! I started the account in May 2016, so posting consistently over 7 years has definitely taken some dedication and organisation. Now that I work a full-time job and no longer live in Bath, I have a lovely team based locally that help out, and I dedicate a couple of hours a few times a week to creating content and catching up on admin. 

Great Pultney Street, Bath

What makes Bath special?

The buildings are obviously stunning but overall it’s just a really beautiful area with lots of bars, restaurants and cafes meaning that it’s got a lot going on even though it’s really not that big. It’s also very accessible from London and the countryside surrounding it is stunning so it’s perfect for a staycation. 

A friend is visiting for the day, where would you take them for lunch and dinner?

For lunch I’d take them to Noya’s Kitchen which has the most flavourful Vietnamese food and is run by Noya who is the sweetest lady. For dinner I’d go to Beckford Bottle Shop (sharing plates and a great wine list) or Clayton’s Kitchen (contemporary European food done very well). 

Noya's Kitchen and Beckford Bottle Shop

Favourite place to get a glass of wine?

Beckford Bottle Shop - they have a cosy bit inside perfect for winter as well as a few tables at the front perfect for al fresco drinking. They also have a shop which has hundreds of different wines. 

Favourite place for coffee?

Colonna & Smalls! Not only are the interiors stunning, but the coffee is delicious and they change their blends pretty often. The staff are really nice and it’s also got a cute outdoor area perfect for summer. 

Colonna and Smalls, Bath

Favourite independent shop in Bath?

Always Sunday Store and Rossiters have awesome homeware and Found is great for gifts. 

Favourite annual event, or time of year in Bath?

Bath is always beautiful, but the sandstone Georgian buildings really come alive during golden hour in spring and summer when we get blue skies and sunny weather. 


A place that opened this year, that you’re currently obsessed with?

I haven’t tried these yet but both Daisy & Bean Bakeshop and WatchHouse have both recently opened and I’m excited to try both very soon. Daisy and Bean Bakeshop is a queer-owned cafe and WatchHouse is one of my favourite coffee spots in London but they’ve just opened in Bath! 

Do you know of any hidden gems? 

A lot of people have heard of luxury hotel 'The Bath Priory', but not that many people know about their restaurant ’The Pantry’ which has a more casual menu and is perfect for summer as the terrace overlooks the garden. It’s so calm there and you feel completely removed from the city centre. I haven’t been in a few years but would highly recommend!

Bath Priory, The Pantry Restaurant

Your happy place in the city?

Honestly anywhere in the city first thing in the morning on a sunny day. The streets are empty and it feels really peaceful. 


All photos featured in this local's guide were taken by the lovely Bath Eats team, for more delicious places to eat and drink in Bath, follow on Instagram and TikTok

Local's Guide to Bath Google Map here