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Going off Grid: Interview with Grace, Founder of Wild With Consent 

Experience the hidden treasures of Britain's countryside in a one-of-a-kind way, with Wild With Consent. This unique travel experience offers campervan owners unparalleled access to the hidden gems of Britain's countryside, which are often inaccessible due to strict regulations. Through securing landowners' permission, Wild With Consent enables adventurers to explore exclusive and remote locations, providing a truly magical and unforgettable stay.

Wild with Consent

Grace is a campervan enthusiast and adores travelling round in her trusty camper, experiencing everything the beautiful Scottish countryside has to offer. In Scotland, explorers enjoy the 'right to roam' ethos that provides them greater access to the countryside. South of the Border it's a different story though, campervan owners are restricted to campsites, leaving no scope for finding those wild and tranquil locations that offer complete seclusion. Wild With Consent solves this issue, by offering campers the opportunity of visiting these exclusive and remote places with the landowner's prior consent.

We are absolutely thrilled to feature our chat with Grace, as part of our Founder interview series. From Grace's passion for travel and the countryside to the unique experiences Wild With Consent offers to its clientele, we couldn't be a greater fan and supporter. 

Throughout this interview, Grace shares with us her journey, and thoughts on the highs and lows that come with founding a business. Grace also spills some top tips and tricks on creating the ultimate off-grid experience. 

What inspired you to start Wild With Consent, and what was your motivation to put the idea into motion?

We’ve had a family campervan – fondly named Tubs – since I was in my early teens, but the first summer of the pandemic was the first time I’d really taken it off by myself for a holiday. I travelled around the UK in Tubs, looking for peaceful, beautiful spots where I could fully relax. It struck me how hard it was to find those truly remote places and how many beauty spots were becoming overcrowded as more people discovered the joy of holidaying in a campervan. I wanted to provide a solution that works for both the local community and visitors seeking freedom, adventure and secluded locations to stay.

Since you launched, what has been your favourite moment, or biggest win?

The most exciting moment was getting feedback from our first guest, it was wonderful to hear about their experience staying off-grid and really connecting with nature. Being able to give people those special experiences is still my favourite part, and I love hearing about each unique stay. It’s amazing to see photos of the wildlife that our guests have seen – the best so far has been some amazing shots of barn owls hunting at dusk over the campsite.

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced so far?

Being on social media is a necessity, but it’s been tough learning to deal with the negative comments that sometimes come my way. I have to remember not to take it personally and that they are outweighed by positive reviews from guests who have visited our sites!

What does your average working day at Wild With Consent look like?

I’m the sole founder and employee at Wild With Consent, so my days are very varied depending on whether I have my web development, marketing, finance or business development hat on! I spend a lot of time scouting out new sites, and visiting them all, so if I’m on a new site visit trip I spend my days speaking to new hosts and going round farms to find the best camping spots, then uploading all the information to our website.

If someone wanted to turn their passion into a business, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give them?

Surround yourself with supportive people. Nobody can do it alone, and although I’m the only person running the business day-to-day, I have invaluable support from family and friends who I can brainstorm ideas with, and share the highs and lows of start up life.

Wild with Consent

If someone only had a long weekend to go exploring in their campervan, where would you suggest they spend the three days?

There are so many great places, it’s hard to choose! I’ll always have a soft spot for my native Northumberland. It has so much to offer from stunning sandy beaches to wild hill walking in the Cheviots, and is still very undiscovered. It’s the perfect place for outdoor adventures from a campervan, and the new Northumberland 250 driving route is a great insider guide to all the best places.

What do you love most about being off-grid and out in nature?

Escaping from the demands of everyday life, and being truly immersed in nature. There’s nothing to beat going to sleep under a blanket of stars and waking up to an uninterrupted dawn chorus. Spending time in nature always helps me to refocus and put things in perspective – and now there’s an increasing amount of scientific research showing that being in awe in nature enhances our wellbeing through so many different channels.

Where is your favourite wild camping spot?

Can I have 2?! We’ve got a stunning new Wild With Consent site in Wales, Glasfryn, that is a stones throw from Hay-on-Wye but feels so secluded and has beautiful 360 views of the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains. And my old favourite is Elwick in Northumberland – it’s tucked away down a private farm track which opens up to have a unique view over the coastal Lindisfarne Nature Reserve and onto Holy Island. You can go to sleep listening to the haunting singing of the seals and wake up to the sandpipers on the shoreline.

Wild with Consent, Grace

Can you recommend a good spot for wild swimming?

My favourite local spot is Budle Bay at high tide. The sea comes into the river estuary and over the sand, so it’s slightly warmer than neighbouring beaches which is always a plus!

What would your perfect wild camping day include?

Waking up to a cup of tea in bed, with the van door open to enjoy the view and fresh air while still being tucked up under the covers! Then a wild swim to wash off for the day, a walk through the countryside, and back to the van to cosy up for a cup of tea and to read my book in the evening light.

Where is next to go on your campervan bucket list?

I’d love to explore the west coast of Ireland. It’s a beautiful coastline and seems perfect for a campervan trip to visit all the small villages along the way. It’s also a great place for wild swimming and hiking along the coastal trails.

Wild with Consent, Grace

Grace shares with us her four must see pit-stops, if you are ever visiting her hometown for the weekend and travelling along the beautiful coast of Northumberland. 

EAT: The Potted Lobster in Bamburgh. “Delicious seafood, but book ahead because they get busy!”

SIP: Carnaby’s café and shop. “A great stop-off from the A1 with delicious munchies and lunch options, while The Stable Yard at Craster is the perfect place for a coffee stop on a coastal walk.”

SHOP: Eleanor’s Byre just outside Embleton. “It is a treasure trove of beautiful things, all sourced from British suppliers.”

VISIT: Head up into the Cheviots to walk some of St Cuthberts Way. “The wild beauty of the hills is hard to beat, and you’re likely to have the trail to yourself.”

To book one of Grace's spectacular wild camping spots, head to Stay in the loop with Grace over on Instagram and get inspired to get off the beaten track and try something different -  @wildwithconsent.