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B&B x Lucy March Studio 

We are thrilled about the recent launch of our new Bridesmaid Collection, featuring Lucy's beautiful handcrafted Brontë Bridal Cards. We caught up with Lucy to discuss the inner workings of her Wedding Stationary brand, Lucy March Studio, what inspires her everyday and what she loves most about creating for couples tying the knot around the world. 

Lucy March Studio Interview

After spending time working in-house as a multi disciplinary graphic designer, Lucy finally made the leap to launch her own design shop after enjoying designing her own wedding so much. Read on and get inspired by Lucy's story. 

What's the inspiration behind Lucy March Studio? 

Designing stationery for my own wedding really inspired me! I got married in 2021 at the beautiful Iscoyd Park in North Wales, and fell in love with wedding stationery. I’ve been a graphic designer for 10 years so knew my way around the design world, but I feel now as though I’ve finally found my true calling! I love the mix of designing on my iMac alongside printing and hand-made crafting. My amazing wedding guests really encouraged me to start a business after seeing my designs at our wedding - the rest is history!

What has been your favourite moment, or biggest win since launching the brand?

I had my biggest wedding to date this May. I designed and created stationery for a multi day wedding for a lovely couple tying the knot in Barbados. There were nearly 200 guests, and lots of time and love went into creating everything - it was so exciting seeing everything come to life and getting some sneak peaks when guests were uploading their photos online. 

Lucy March Studio - Interview

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced so far?

My biggest challenge is having enough time! I’ve been so lucky to have worked with lots of wonderful couples who have supported my stationery business over the past couple of years and sadly have to turn people away when I’m too busy. It’s always a bit of a struggle between saying yes and keeping my stress levels at a manageable level! 

What does your average day at Lucy March Studio look like?

My day usually starts with responding to any email enquiries and Etsy messages from customers. I usually treat myself to a coffee after finishing to reward myself! I then decide which projects I’m going to tackle that day. If I have a big invitation or on-the-day stationery order to be done, that will be my focus for the day. This involves usually die-cutting card into arch or fun wave shapes, printing and then adding finishing touches such as wax seals, ribbon and eyelets.

I always take a walk after lunch as I always have parcels to send! When I’m back, I’ll work through my Etsy orders (wedding party hanger tags and ceremony seat tags are a firm favourite in my Etsy shop!). My favourite part of my day is putting the finishing touches on invitation suites - I just love adding that final wax seal - super satisfying.

Lucy March Studio - InterviewWhat’s your main source of inspiration when designing your wedding stationary? 

I get inspiration from all sorts - interiors, fashion, nature! My main design pillars are minimalist, modern and magical. My personal favourite design is my Brontë invitation. I love adding extra levels of detail and this design has it all! Wax seals, gold eyelets, chiffon ribbon and a half arch invitation card shape. It has a mix of all the pillars of my design style.

If someone wanted to turn their passion into a business, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give them?

You can definitely overthink things before making the leap to start a business. I think you just have to get started. Once you start, you begin to learn and build upon your business every day. And you don’t learn without making mistakes! 

Lucy March Studio - Interview


One of our core values at Bundle & Beau, is that every product we feature in our bundles, has been consciously made with love, right here in the UK. Lucy shares with us her top four pitstops when visiting her hometown of Chester:EAT: The Flower Cup - "They do an incredible full cooked breakfast, my husband and I love it there for a cosy date!"SIP: Black Sheep Coffee - "Never had a bad cup."SHOP: Chester Market - "I love a mooch around and especially enjoy the plant selection from Purely Pots." DO: Bodnant Garden - "I live in a village nestled between historic Chester and the beautiful North Wales, so I’m lucky enough to experience both sides of the border between England and Wales. One of my favourite places to spend time is Bodnant Garden in North Wales. An ideal day for me is taking my camera out and snapping all of the different plants and trees there."

If you're tying the knot, make sure to check out our Bridesmaid Bundle collection and Lucy's proposal and thank you cards. Follow Lucy on Instagram to discover Lucy's full collection of Wedding Stationary @lucymarchstudio