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 The Story of NOA 

As part of our Makers interview series, we caught up with Natasha, the talented entrepreneur behind NOA. The fragrance and wellness brand NOA, crafts and hand pours beautiful aromatherapy products for your day-to-day from their studio in Manchester. Natasha started making candles at University as a way of managing her anxiety. We were completely inspired by the way she turned a hobby into a thriving business and her tips on how you can do the same.

NOA Candles - Interview with NOA

In this interview we talk all things business, discussing the highs and lows of owning a brand, as well as where Natasha gets the inspiration for NOA's product range. Read on and learn all about the story behind this beautiful brand. 

What's the inspiration behind NOA?

I started NOA during my second year of uni back in 2019. At the time my partner had just started up his own biz and I was having a bit of a rough time with my mental health. I'd always struggled with fitting in at uni and making friends, particularly struggling a lot with anxiety and panic attacks. I decided it was time to start a hobby and something that brought me joy, ended up here! I ran the biz alongside my studies and now it is my full time job, which I'm grateful for everyday.

What has been your favourite moment, or biggest win since launching the brand?

I'd say it would be the endless joy this biz has brought my way really. From the little wins to the bigger ones, from getting our first workshop to partnering up with Thortful, being nominated for business awards and featured in magazines - it all started in the spare room at my home and i'm so proud of how far it has come!

NOA Candles - NOA Interview

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced so far?

There's a few really, business is full of challenges and unexpected things that can throw you off! The last few years have been a pretty big challenge for business owners all over, with lockdown, cost of living crisis - it's hard to keep calm and move the business forwards when there is a lot of uncertainty in the air. It's easy to compare yourself and doubt yourself too. There will always be people who don't like what you do, but you just need to rise above it and believe in yourself!

What does your average day at NOA look like? 

Since it's just myself most days I often end up juggling quite a few things! I'm grateful for the flexibility day to day. I often find it comes in waves, sometimes it can be busy and other days quieter. Usually though a work day for me is emails and admin bits in the morning, check in on the fulfilment centre and see how things are doing there (make sure everything is in stock, orders going out etc!) and then have a snack and head in to the studio.

We moved to a fulfilment centre a few months back now as I was having a bit of a tough time juggling things, so that has taken off a lot of pressure day-to-day and I can focus more on product creation and manufacturing.

Usually, in the afternoon I make, label, pack and work through wholesale orders and stock for deliveries - then I come home! It really does depend on how busy my workload is though, sometimes I'll bring things home to work on, or head back down in the evenings to get things finished, I'm too familiar with the 2am finishes sometimes, especially during candle season!

NOA Candles - NOA Interview

What’s your main source of inspiration when designing your collections?  
When we first started out I knew I wanted something sleek and clean, we work with a lot of illustrators and artists on collections too, which I love. My partner is actually a graphic designer and runs his own creative agency so he has taught me all I know with the brand guidelines and design, it used to be him that would do it all but now I manage a lot of it by myself!

I'd say we have a minimal style, making products suitable for every type of home and setting, with blends focused on wellness and aromatherapy aspects. My favourite scent (and the OG) is anxious mind. It was the first blend I created to help me manage my own anxiety, and has been our bestseller for over 4 years now!
If someone wanted to turn their passion into a business, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give them?
Don't jump right in straight away - start small. I've seen too many businesses take huge loans and grow too quickly which has led to them falling on their face and ultimately ending up in a lot of debt. Gradually scale over time, start with smaller batches and product ranges and re-invest all you can from sales back in to the biz. It takes time, dedication and belief in yourself to do it and there will never be a 'perfect time' so why not try it now?
NOA Candles - NOA Interview



One of our core values at Bundle & Beau, is that every product we feature in our bundles, has been consciously made with love, right here in the UK. Natasha shares with us her top pitstops when visiting her hometown of Manchester:EAT: "I have quite a lot of food allergies so tend to avoid eating out, but there are so many lovely independent places to snack and soak up the atmosphere."SHOP: "Makers Market host the most wonderful markets all around the north including Manchester, 100% recommend visiting one of their weekend markets! Afflecks also have an amazing array of indie shops and brands."DO: Afflecks - "It's one of the first places I visited when I moved up here, its quirky, fun and different."

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