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The Story of Sister Scrunch

Sister Scrunch was founded by sisters Maddie & Bianca. They design and make sustainable scrunchies, crafted from beautiful British linen, as well as up-cycled materials. Each scrunchie takes on its own personality, such as the 'Athena', which was inspired by the deep blue seas of Santorini, or 'Jack In The Green', inspired by one of the sisters favourite English folk festivals. We had a lovely time catching up with the girls, and discussing everything from the inspiration behind each design to their favourite places to visit in their hometowns of Seaford & London.  Sister Scrunch UK

What inspired you to start Sister Scrunch?

We love crafting, sewing and spending time together, so it seemed natural that it evolved into starting a small business together. We started making scrunchies for ourselves to coordinate with our outfits and accessories, and after getting requests from friends to make some for them, we decided to set up Sister Scrunch.

What’s been your favourite moment, or biggest win so far? 

Our first sale! We were so thrilled that someone liked what we make enough to buy it. We still feel the same every time we sell a scrunchie. 

What’s been the biggest challenge you've faced so far?

I live in East Sussex, and Bianca lives in London, so it can sometimes be hard to coordinate working on Sister Scrunch due to the distance.

What does an average day look like when you're working on Sister Scrunch? 

Maddie: I’m the one who makes the bulk of the scrunchies, so you can normally find me in front of the sewing machine with my dogs Sid and Merlin curled up close by. I adore spending time with Bianca brainstorming new ideas and designs – sometimes I feel like Sister Scrunch is just an excuse to spend even more time with my wonderful sister!

Bianca: We have slightly different roles in Sister Scrunch so we can play to our strengths and to work around the fact we’re based in different places. Maddie is the main seamstress, whereas I take care of the branding and marketing side of things when I can’t be in our craft studio. My favourite task would be our sourcing trips, as these days working on my passion together with my best friend are always special.

Sister Scrunch UK

What’s your main source of inspiration when designing your scrunchies - what's your personal favourite? 

Maddie: I get a lot of inspiration from visiting places new and old, as well as the natural world – the Athena, inspired by Greece, and the Jack in the Green, inspired by the wonderful Hastings Festival of the same name, are my favourites for this reason. I’m off to Cornwall next week, so I’m already thinking about what the ideal Cornish scrunchie would look like. 

Bianca: My favourite would have to be the scrunchie we named after me, The Bianca, as this was the catalyst for Sister Scrunch, and I just love all of the colours and how it matches with so many things. Soon, Maddie will have one named after her once she’s found the perfect fabric!

If someone wanted to turn their passion into a business, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give them?

Maddie: I think you just have to go for it, and believe in yourself and your idea! Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

Bianca: We founded Sister Scrunch on our love for hair accessories and of course sustainability and slow fashion which is hugely important to us. If you follow what’s important to you and stay true to your vision there will be people out there who truly resonate with your business.


Maddie & Bianca share with us their top four pit-stops if you’re ever visiting their hometown of Seaford or London for the day.

- Maddie: Seaford, East Sussex -
EAT: Chaula’s, Lewes “the best Matar Paneer you’ll ever try!”
COFFEE: To The Rise, Eastbourne - “the pastries are incredible.” 
SHOP: Onneke, Seaford - “It’s a wonderful shop that Seaford is lucky to have. The owner makes beautiful art prints inspired by the local area, and sells these alongside other lovely items.”
SEE: I’m lucky to live between the sea and the South Downs, so to combine the two I’d recommend walking from Seaford to Alfriston, taking in the sea views along the way. I’d also say to stop at Rathfinny Vineyard along the way to soak in the view over the vineyards and sea with a glass of fizz!”
- Bianca: London -
EAT: Jolene’s, Newington Green “small plates, natural wines and good vibes.
COFFEE: Assouline, Piccadilly - “a great place to have coffee and to discover their stunning books.”
SHOP: Iota Edit - “a beautifully curated selection of art, ceramics and decorative ornaments.”
SEE: I regularly horse ride through Hyde Park and I urge anyone visiting London to give it a go, it’s just glorious. It’s truly a wonderful experience especially this time of year when the grass is long and everything is in bloom."

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