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B&B x The Vely Soapery


The Vely Soapery - Interview

We're so excited to introduce one of our newest Makers, The Vely Soapery, founded by the wonderful Halyna in South East London. The Vely is a brand known for its luxurious, organic self-care products inspired by nature's finest ingredients.

From her childhood dreams of working in a flower shop, to her journey in marketing and entrepreneurship, Halyna has blended her love for natural aromas and her professional expertise to create a thriving business and a beautiful brand.

In this conversation, we explore the inspirations behind The Vely, Halyna's daily routines and rituals, and her advice for those looking to turn their passion into a business. We hope you enjoy!

The Vely Soapery - Interview

What inspired you to start The Vely Soapery? 

It all started with the scents. When I was young, I dreamed of working in a flower shop, surrounded by nature's beauty and wonderful aromas. As I grew older, I learned about the calming smell of lavender and the helpful qualities of chamomile and calendula for self-care. This made me believe strongly that nature can provide everything we need for nourishment, healing, and restoration. And I found it quite natural that at some point I began creating organic self-care essentials, initially for my own use and then sharing this joy with others.

Obtaining a Master’s in Marketing and collaborating with various companies, including both start-ups and established corporations, helping them achieve their goals on the market, has also provided me with some foundation and ideas of where I can start my own journey.

The Vely Soapery - Interview

What does an average working day look like for you?

My favourite time of the day is the very early morning, around 4:30 - 5 am, when it's such a delight to sip my morning coffee while listening to the first sounds of the day and making plans. Sometimes, I even quietly start working during these early hours when everyone else in the house is still asleep. 

After dropping my daughter off at school, I exercise for an hour and have my green smoothie afterwards. Fuelled with renewed energy, I head to my workspace.

My typical tasks include making new batches of products, packaging finished items, fulfilling orders, checking the inventory, placing orders for ingredients and packaging materials, and handling all other admin tasks. Once every two weeks, we have photoshoots, and this is one of my favourite processes.

Time seems to fly by quickly during my work hours because I absolutely adore what I do. Before I know it, it’s time to pick my daughter up from school. I prepare dinner and spend some time with my family, discussing our day, what we enjoyed the most today, and what we’re planning to do tomorrow. When I'm particularly busy with The Vely, I continue working until bedtime. This can involve more packing and fulfilling orders, creating new packaging designs, brainstorming for exciting offers for our customers, researching new product ideas, or learning about natural ingredients—the last one is always on my to-do list. 

This routine repeats more or less every day, and I absolutely love this busy schedule. I never find myself feeling bored!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Usually, it's the prospect of enjoying some peaceful moments alone in the early morning, especially when I know it's going to be a sunny day and there's a chance to see the sunrise. 

Also it's the excitement of new business ideas, especially when we're in the process of launching a new product line or planning one. 

And if not all the above, then it's definitely my daughter!

The Vely Soapery - Interview

How do you zone out from the world?

I simply grab the book. I’m a true bookworm.

If someone wanted to turn their passion into a business, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give them?

Don’t overthink it. Just start. There will never be a perfect moment to begin, but you can make it as perfect as you can along your journey.


Add one of The Vely's beautiful soaps to any gift bundle, and stay in the loop with Halyna and her team on Instagram @thevelysoapery