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B&B x Two Chimps Coffee


Two Chimp Coffee - Interview

We had the pleasure of catching up with Andy and Laura, the fabulous duo behind Two Chimps Coffee. A business born out of a deep passion for coffee and a commitment to a family-centred lifestyle. 

In this interview, we explore what inspired them to start Two Chimps Coffee, what an average working day looks like for them, what motivates them each morning, and how they find time to unwind. They also share valuable advice for anyone looking to turn their passion into a business. Read on to get inspired...

What inspired you to start Two Chimps Coffee?

A passion for coffee and a desire for a family-centred lifestyle led us to start Two Chimps Coffee. Before starting on this journey, Andy and I were self-employed in another profession for fifteen years. 

We felt it was time for a change, not only to pursue a new career but also to start a family. Now, with Two Chimps Coffee, we love what we do every day. We are fortunate to have a small, amazing team and two beautiful children who bring joy to our lives.

What does an average working day look like for you? 

We are super early birds – the coffee helps! Our mornings begin early with catching up on emails and tasks. Then it's time to get the children up and ready for school or nursery. Our workdays are never average. Andy usually spends time with Jordyn tasting and testing new coffees. 

We have meetings together or with the team, handle customer calls and follow-ups, brainstorm marketing ideas, and manage social media with Charlotte. Our day wraps up with a few local deliveries before we pick up the children.

Two Chimps Coffee Interview

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

We want to help people enjoy their day with better coffee and make them smile. And to enjoy life and our family.

How do you zone out from the world? 

We listen to podcasts, read books, ride our bikes, or play with Lego!

If someone wanted to turn their passion into a business, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give them? 

Do it now - no regrets!

Two Chimps Coffee Interview

Every gift featured in a B&B gift box has been consciously made with love, right here in the UK. Laura & Andy share with us their top pit stops when visiting their hometown of Oakham.


EAT:  Rutland is renowned for its amazing food. We'd suggest The Olive Branch, The Wisteria or the The Larder. 




SHOP: Gates Garden Centre & Farm Shop


SEE: Rutland Water, including The Rutland Belle


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