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B&B catches up with Nathalie, Founder of Nathalie Bond

Nathalie Bond is based in Colwyn Bay, in North Wales, and is run by Nathalie & Andrew Bond. The family run business is on a mission to provide clean, plant-based skincare that is gentle on the skin, safe to use, and affordable. 
Nathalie Bond
Like most great businesses, it started right from their kitchen table when Nathalie was pregnant with her first child. They experimented making different products using non-toxic, all natural ingredients.

Every product is lovingly handcrafted by the NB team from their North Wales workshop. We caught up with Nathalie to talk all things business, skincare and her top places to visit if you're ever in her home town. 


What inspired you to start Nathalie Bond? 

When I was pregnant with my first child, I discovered that many candles and skincare products contain toxic chemicals that have a negative effect on our bodies. I thought, why would I do that to my body? So I began looking for alternatives and couldn't find any I liked at the time, so my husband and I started making our own products on our kitchen table using only clean, non-toxic natural ingredients. 

What do you love most about being a business owner? 

Dictating our own timescales and goals, not working to someone elses.

What do you find most challenging about running a business? 

Work-life balance and being realistic about what can be done in the time we have. 

What is your greatest personal achievement in relation to Nathalie Bond, so far? 

Repeat customers. They mean more to me than any big deal. The big deals will drop you as quickly as they find you. The steady and repeat customers are the backbone of our business and encourage us that we are doing something right :) 

What is your main source of inspiration when designing/ making your products, and what is your personal favourite product that you sell? 

Simply put, Nature and simplicity. I don't like selling things that feel complicated, so I hope our range doesn't do that. I love our Revive range as it's fresh minty and in my biased opinion, brilliant! 

What would be the one piece of advice you’d give someone that wants to turn their passion into a business?

Dream, but also put your realistic head on. They can work hand in hand!


Nathalie share with us their top four pit-stops in her hometown of Conwy

EAT at Erskine Arms


GO to Aberfalls  



Nathalie Bond, Revive Collection


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