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The Scorpio Gift Guide

Scorpio Gift GuideScorpios, those born between October 23rd - November 21st, are known for their intense and passionate nature. Ruled by the enigmatic planet Pluto and represented by the powerful scorpion, Scorpios are complex individuals who appreciate thoughtful and meaningful gifts. If you're looking to surprise the Scorpio in your life, we've put together the perfect Scorpio gift guide. 

Our carefully curated Scorpio-themed gift bundle features items that resonate with their personality traits: a burnt orange linen scrunchie, a musk and sandalwood room spray, a passion fruit dark chocolate bar, and some black tea. 

You can also get creative by customising your gift bundle with your own combination of gifts such as calming candles and organic coffee pods. Let's dive into the world of Scorpio and explore the best gifts to buy. 

What are Scorpio's Personality Traits?

Scorpios are renowned for their deep, mysterious, and passionate personalities. They exude an air of intensity and determination, which can sometimes be intimidating, but beneath their tough exterior lies a heart full of loyalty and empathy. Here are some key Scorpio personality traits:

  • Intensity: Scorpios live life with unwavering intensity. They are fiercely determined, whether in their personal relationships or professional pursuits. This unwavering focus makes them resilient in the face of challenges.
  • Mystery: Just like the mythical scorpion, Scorpios often have a mysterious aura. They enjoy delving into the enigmatic and the unexplored, making them excellent problem solvers and investigators.
  • Passion: Scorpios are known for their incredible passion. Whether it's love, work, or hobbies, they invest their whole selves into everything they do.
  • Loyalty: Once a Scorpio forms a connection, it's a bond that lasts a lifetime. They are fiercely loyal and protective of their loved ones.
  • Sensuality: Scorpios are in tune with their senses. They appreciate life's pleasures, from good food and wine to the touch of fine fabrics.

Now that we understand the Scorpio personality better, let's explore the items in our Scorpio gift bundle.

Scorpio Gift BundleIsla Burnt Orange Scrunchie by Sister Scrunch

Symbolism: The burnt orange scrunchie embodies the fiery nature of Scorpios. The vibrant hue represents their passion and intensity, while the soft linen fabric showcases their sensitive and tactile nature. This star sign is also associated with deep dark colours and the burnt orange hue is perfect for this time of year 

Practicality: A versatile accessory, the scrunchie can be worn as a hair tie or around the wrist adding a touch of personality and colour to any outfit.

Scorpio's Take: Scorpios will appreciate the blend of bold colour and comfort. The scrunchie is perfect for a touch of flair in their daily style.

Breathe, Musk and Sandalwood Room Spray by Manchester Living

Symbolism: Musk and sandalwood are deep, earthy scents that resonate with Scorpios' love for the mysterious and sensual. These aromas help create an inviting atmosphere, reflecting their desire for an emotionally rich environment.

Aromatherapy: The room spray not only adds a pleasant scent but also provides a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. It's ideal for Scorpios who cherish their personal spaces.

Scorpio's Take: Scorpios will adore the depth and sensuality of this scent combination. It transforms any room into a calming, comforting haven, perfectly aligning with their nature. They see their home as their private sanctuary and their place to escape from the world and this room spray encapsulates that. 

Passionfruit Dark Chocolate Bar by Coco Chocolatier

Symbolism: The passionfruit dark chocolate bar mirrors Scorpios' passionate and intense nature. Dark chocolate represents the complexity within them, while the exotic passionfruit flavour showcases their adventurous spirit.

Indulgence: Scorpios often find solace in life's little pleasures. This artisan chocolate bar is a delicious one to enjoy on the sofa with a cup of tea or glass of red wine. 

Scorpio's Take: Scorpios will savour every bite as it acts as a reminder that life's sweetest moments should be cherished.

TeaBlack Tea Blend by Bird & Blend

Symbolism: Black tea, with its rich, full-bodied flavour, mirrors Scorpios' intensity. The dark, earthy tones symbolise their deep emotions and hidden depths.

Sensory Experience: Scorpios, with their keen senses, will relish the aroma and taste of a premium black tea blend. It's perfect for a moment of reflection and rejuvenation.

Scorpio's Take: Scorpios will enjoy the ritual of brewing and sipping this black tea. It aligns with their love for sensuality and inner exploration.

Customisation: REST Candle by NOA and Organic Coffee Pods by Kiss the Hippo

To further personalise your Scorpio-themed gift bundle, you have the option to include lots of other gifts from our gift store. We would also recommend a calming candle or some organic coffee pods. 

Candle and Coffee PodsRest Aromatherapy Candle by NOA:

Symbolism: Candles represent the Scorpio's affinity for mystery and introspection. They create a soothing ambiance, allowing Scorpios to dive deeper into their thoughts and emotions.

Scorpio's Take: The calming candles offer a sanctuary for Scorpios to unwind and embrace their inner mystique.

Organic Coffee Pods by Kiss the Hippo:

Symbolism: Coffee, like Scorpios, is intense and invigorating. Organic coffee pods represent their passion for life's finer things and their desire for authenticity.

Scorpio's Take: Scorpios will appreciate the premium quality and ethical sourcing of these organic coffee pods. It's a blend that resonates with their values and passions.

We hope this gave you some gift inspiration for the Scorpio’s in your life. When choosing a gift remember that it's not just the item itself, but the thought and meaning behind it that matter most. These gifts are a reflection of the Scorpio's enigmatic personality and a way to celebrate their intensity and passion. Have fun building your own gift box using out Build Your Own Gift Box feature.