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Journal Prompts: Romanticising Your Everyday Life

Journaling Prompts: Romanticising Your Dream Life

Romanticising your everyday life involves finding beauty and joy in the mundane aspects of your daily routine. It's about appreciating the little moments, creating a sense of magic in your day-to-day activities, and cultivating a positive mindset. 

In this journal post, we combine this with the art of manifestation. The first step to manifesting your dream life is being crystal clear on what it actually looks like. The more detailed your vision is, the easier it is to picture yourself in it. Grab a journal and spend some time working through these prompts.

Morning Rituals

Describe the first moments of your morning routine as if it were a scene from a film. When writing, think about your different senses. What are the sounds you can hear in the morning? What scents are surrounding you?

Think about how you can go through your morning in a more mindful way, rather than rushing through it on autopilot. Spend some time over this, the more detailed the better so you can fully imagine yourself flowing through this morning routine. 

Everyday Adventures 

Life is full of little moments and experiences; planning ahead and intentionally creating more of these moments can help prevent the week from slipping away. Think about planning one small and one big adventure each week.

A small adventure can be taking a different route to work or trying out a new coffee shop, something that you can easily make part of your normal day. A big adventure is one that will take up half to a whole day. This could be travelling to a new city, going on a hike - something you’ve ideally not done before.

Think about how you could fit one small and one big adventure into your week and spend some time writing some different ideas down. Pick a day of the week, for example a Sunday evening when you book these adventures into your calendar. 

Connecting with yourself 

Channelling your energy inwards and connecting with yourself involves developing a deep and genuine understanding of who you are, what you value, and what brings you a sense of fulfilment. When we have lost touch with ourselves and our daily habits aren’t aligned to our core values it often leads to feeling lost, unmotivated and directionless. 

Do you have a daily or weekly practice dedicated to connecting with yourself? Think about the ways you can incorporate this into your life. Is it a daily journaling practice where you light a candle in a quiet space and spend some time with your thoughts? Could you make it part of your meditation practice? 


Write about your ideal average day from start to finish. How do you wake up? What do you spend time doing throughout the day? How do you feel as you move through the day? Be as descriptive as possible, then think about ways you could adapt your daily habits to edge closer to this being your daily reality.

Create a Pinterest board 

Once you’ve spent time journaling around these four points, spend some time pinning photos on Pinterest that capture this. Don’t place any limits on yourself when doing this, or hold back in any way. You want to capture everything you’ve written in pictures, when pinning think about what the photo would look like if adapted to your life.

For example, if your morning routine includes a yoga practise and you want to pin photos of this to your board, think about how the yoga practice would look in your current or future home and imagine yourself moving through the practise. 

As you practise manifestation, understand that clarity is your ally. Your dream life becomes tangible when you can vividly envision it. Through the prompts provided, you've begun the journey of detailing your aspirations, making them more than just thoughts.

Now armed with a journal filled with your reflections and dreams, embrace each day as an opportunity to infuse romance into your routines and daily habits and take intentional steps towards manifesting the life you've envisioned. Cherish the little moments, enjoy and trust the process and watch what unfolds.

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