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B&B chat to Katie Leamon


Interview with Katie Leamon

We had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Katie Leamon to catch up on her amazing creative journey since starting her stationery brand back in 2010. From her love for paper and sustainable design, she guides us through her daily life, sharing her current favourite card collections and how she balances being a Mum with the day-to-day running of her business.  

Katie also shares some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to turn their passion into a business, emphasising originality and staying true to your core values. Keep reading to get inspired and learn more about the ethos of Katie Leamon, a creative force in the world of stationery and design.

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What inspired you to start Katie Leamon?

I have always loved paper and stationery, and having left university with a degree in textiles, I started to work in print with a fair trade fashion company. I knew I wanted to explore more of my own work and that sustainable values were going to be at the heart of my work.

I developed some ideas and designs in my spare time, and was driven by my desire to carve my own path, work for myself and be flexible as I knew one day I wanted to start a family. I love typography, illustration, pattern and graphic design and my collections always come back to these core design elements. 

Interview with Katie Leamon 2

What’s your personal favourite card that you sell? 

Oh thats a hard one. I think our hand printed card collection will always be closest to my heart, as it is where we started. At the moment, my favourite hand printed card is our Be Mine heart, probably because it is new and fresh, but I also love our new Love Playing Card with gold foiling, its a great all round simple design that works for everyone. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

Our kids - no need for an alarm clock! I feel very lucky to love what I do, so when the kids are at school or nursery and I get to the studio, it's a lovely feeling. I feel excited about new ideas, and am always over ambitious as to how much I can get done before pick up, which I think is a good sign of the varied things on my to do list. The balance with a family and a business is not always easy, it is flexible and adaptable which I am grateful for. 

Interview with Katie Leamon

How do you zone out from the world? 

I exercise as much as I can which helps keep my mind on track, and stress levels down. I love to swim and tend to opt for this form of exercise when I am feeling overwhelmed or in need of zoning out.

Design wise, I like to visit exhibitions and wander around London to get inspiration - everything from the architecture, to the museums can be inspiring and get me back on track. If I'm really stressed with work, I tend to take a step back and focus on just being a mum; playing, being outside, cooking, gardening and this tends to help restore balance. 

If someone wanted to turn their passion into a business, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give them? 

To map out some ideas, to journal all your ideas in free flow writing without pre thinking. It helps generate ideas on what your values will be, what you USP will be, and where you will sit in the market.

Then do research into the existing market, where will you sit in that? What will stand you apart? Then with key values and original ideas behind you, start to piece together how to target your audience and make sure your product or service is considered, original, and well developed. Stay true to your values across the brand, and make all elements as cohesive as possible.

Katie Leamon Interview

Every gift featured in a B&B gift box has been consciously made with love, right here in the UK. Katie shares with us her top pit stops when visiting her hometown of London


EAT: When people come to visit we like to take them to the Windmill in Mayfair, a traditional Pie Pub in London and they are absolutely amazing! I would also recommend going to Borough Market where there is literally anything and everything available and everything is so fresh! 


SIP: Again, Borough Market is great for independent coffee makers, but if you're in in my very local area of Tottenham head to Fieldseat, an organic deli for fresh amazing coffee and lunches. 


SHOP: I'm probably biased but my favourites are obviously stationery shops - I can't recommend a visit to Choosing Keeping or Present & Correct highly enough. They are a MUST for any stationery lovers visiting London. 


SEE: Get a return trip on the Thames Clipper - you can jump on anywhere along the thames and either jump off at one of the many landmarks, or just sit and enjoy the view, its a great way to travel in London and so scenic. Worth jumping off in Greenwich and visiting the food market there and the planetarium too, it's a great day out. 


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