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In Conversation with The Hidden Pearl Studio

Hidden Pearl Studio

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with the talented Charlie, the artist and business owner behind The Hidden Pearl Studio. We were instantly captivated by the way Charlie skilfully conveys beautiful messages of love through her enchanting designs. 

Charlie's journey has been truly inspiring, leading her to the realisation of her dream – running her business from a charming home studio nestled in the English countryside. In our conversation, we delve into various aspects of her entrepreneurial journey, the courage it takes to follow your heart, and her favourite places to drink, eat and shop in her hometown of Norwich. 

Hidden Pearl Studio

What inspired you to start The Hidden Pearl Studio and what was the driving force to put the idea in motion? 

I was actually in a long season of being unwell and had just started painting and being creative again. I then decided to take a risk and open an etsy shop with some paintings (and a few cards) and the cards took off. It all felt like a gift that landed in my lap at the right time. And lots of hard work later, it grew into something more sustainable and now enables me to work from home with an ebb and flow that works for my body and lifestyle.

Since launching Hidden Pearl Studio, what has been your favourite moment, or biggest win? 

The time I took a risk and released a poetry collection, The Moon & Her Friend. It just so happened to be as the pandemic started and I questioned whether to go ahead with the release. Turned out to be just what my customers were craving in the midst of a scary time; people would send it to friends and then they would buy a book and send it to a friend, like a little daisy chain of kindness. Super special to be a part of.

Hidden Pearl Studio

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced so far? 

The honest answer is the financial side of things. The creativity is so fun and comes more naturally to me than the practical side of running a business with marketing and accounts etc. Running a small business, your sales fluctuate month to month which can be a challenge to work with.

What’s your main source of inspiration when designing your beautiful cards, and what’s your personal favourite design that you sell? 

Celebrating people with brave words of love, and the everyday moments of beauty in our lives. A personal favourite design is an oil pastel ocean scene with the words: “I hope your birthday is as bright and beautiful as you”. 

You can find this gorgeous design by Charlie here and add to any gift bundle of your choice. 

Hidden Pearl Studio

If someone wanted to turn their passion into a business, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give them? 

Just begin. You learn so much along the way and your style develops as you go also.


One of our core values at Bundle & Beau, is that every product we feature in our bundles, has been consciously made with love, right here in the UK. Charlie shares with us her top pit stops when visiting her hometown of Norwich: 

*EAT: Yalm - “A gorgeous food hall with lots of different eateries.” 

*SIP: Bread Source - “A lovely local chain of independent coffee shops that sell the yummiest Cinnamon pastries.” 

*SHOP: "We have one of the best markets full of independent eateries, books, plants, clothes." 

*VISIT: The Plantation Garden - “It’s a 10 minute walk out of the city centre and is a tiny and magical oasis away from the hustle bustle.”

Take a look through Charlie's beautiful designs here and add to any gift bundle. We will handwrite with your choice of words and ship directly to your loved one. Stay in the loop with Charlie over on instagram @thehiddenpearlstudio