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How to Create a Pre-Wedding Care Package for the Bride


How to Create a Pre-Wedding Care Package for the Bride

The night before your wedding can be nerve-wracking. You might be worried about not sleeping well, feel exhausted from everything you’ve had to do leading up to your wedding, or have your mind racing with different scenarios as you anticipate seeing everyone you love in the same room.

To help ease these pre-wedding jitters, we created our Pre-Wedding Bridal Care Package. It’s designed to create a moment of calm and relaxation for the bride, whether she enjoys it with her bridal party, close family, or alone the night before the big day.

In this gift guide, we highlight our pre-wedding essentials that, when combined, make a wonderful bride-to-be care package. Before designing your gift box for the bride, consider whether you want to give the bride a care package she can enjoy just before bed the night before or first thing on the morning of her wedding day. We will discuss products for both options in this guide.

Mood-Boosting Essential Oil Candle

mood-boosting aromatherapy products

We love using essential oils to create a certain mood or vibe in our gift bundles. Floral essential oils like lavender, ylang-ylang, bergamot, may chang, rose absolute, and neroli all inspire gentleness, compassion, tender love, and adoration. This winning scent combo symbolises her wedding day and your love for the bride.

You could include a "Tranquil" aromatherapy room spray, which is a deeply grounding blend of rose and patchouli.

Another floral-infused option is a Midnight Breeze candle by OCTO. This aromatherapy candle combines the sweet scents of rose geranium with the earthy shades of patchouli and woodsy vetiver. It smells like an enchanted rose garden at midnight—perfect for an evening care package.

For something more uplifting, to enjoy bright and early in the morning when you are all getting ready together, consider OCTO’s Morning Light essential oil candle, a blend of neroli and lime.

A Heartfelt Card for the Bride

card for the bride

Some beautiful words will go a long way the day before your wedding and will likely be a card the bride will treasured forever, marking a special moment in your friendship. Our top picks for the bride-to-be are Katie Leamon's "I Adore You" card or Hidden Pearl Studio's "To a Beautiful Soul" card.

You have the option to leave your gift message at checkout, which we will handwrite into the card for you. Alternatively, we can leave the card blank for you to fill out yourself.

Elevate the Pre-Wedding Bath or Shower Experience

pre-wedding bath or shower

Depending on if the bride is a bath or shower sort of girl, and what will be available in the pre-wedding accommodation, you could add something to your self-care gift box that will elevate the experience.

We love adding bath salts to create a luxurious bathing experience, or an aromatherapy shower steamer if a shower is preferred. Choose Wildflower Bath Salts by Botanical Bloom for a slightly more energising blend, and Time to Dream bath salts for before bed. For the aromatherapy shower steamers, choose the relaxing blend or the refreshing blend for the morning.

Keepsakes for the Bride: Memorable Gifts She’ll Cherish

handmade hair scrunchies

You could add a handmade hair scrunchie or silk sleep mask to your gift bundle—something to enjoy while in the wedding accomodation and also something that can be enjoyed well after the big day. 

We collaborated with sisters Maddie & Bianca, Founders of Sister Scrunch, to create an oversized hair scrunchie collection inspired by traditional wedding colour schemes: burnt orange, blush pink, navy blue, and sage green.

We fell in love with Sister Scrunch’s creations—each hair scrunchie is inspired by a place or person, and each design has its own name. In this collection, we have Athena, Isla, Juliet, and Celine.

These hair scrunchies are perfect for your bride-to-be care package, as they can tie in beautifully with the colour scheme of her wedding. They are also great for using while getting ready on the morning of the wedding.

Pre-Wedding Self-Care Essentials

pre-wedding self-care essentials

At Bundle & Beau, we are all about all-natural, handmade self-care products. We were inspired by wildflower petals for our bridal collection, so we suggest a Flower Child Facial Steam by Salt + Steam and a Bloom lip balm by Nathalie Bond. 

Following the theme of love, a bar of Amelie soap would be a great addition to your bride self-care gift box. A blend that promotes self-love, infused with rose and ylang-ylang essential oils. Handmade in South London by Vely Soapery. 


We hope this bride gift guide gave you some ideas on how to make the pre-wedding experience even more memorable. Explore our Pre-Wedding Bridal Care Package or have fun creating your own bride gift box. If you need help creating something special for the bride-to-be, please don't hesitate to contact us.