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Boost your Energy: How to Stay Your Best All Day

Everyone has that friend who always seems to have endless amounts of energy. Up at the crack of dawn working out at the gym, always partying and seemingly has time for everything. They never seem to be hungover and always look glowing. Sound familiar?  

With Summer just around the corner comes the pull to be more sociable. In spirit of this, here are our favourite tips on being your most radiant and energised self throughout the day.


Tip 1. Move More

Research shows that regular exercise guarantees you’ll sleep better. 

A Norwegian researcher discovered that the physical energy drain caused by inactivity costs the global economy around £55.5 billion every year. So, whether it’s doing that morning HIIT session, running home from work, or going for a walk around your local park, try and fit at least 30 minutes of exercise into your day.

If you can get out in the fresh air whilst exercising - even better! You’ll also benefit from higher brain dopamine levels, making you feel fantastic. 


Tip 2. Afternoon Pick-me-up 

If you’re like us and a lover of an afternoon pick-me-up, make it a good one. 

Theobromine is a chemical found in dark chocolate. Similar to caffeine, theobromine can cause a boost in energy and enhance your mood. In addition to theobromine, cocoa contains phenethylamine, a dopamine-releasing chemical, which boosts mood and attention levels.  

So, when that 3 pm slump hits, you can find us sipping a cup of Bird & Blend’s Sunny Sencha, with a few squares of COCO Chocolatiers, Passion Fruit Dark Chocolate. What’s your afternoon pick-me-up? 

Also, we know you've heard it time and time again, but hydration is key when it comes to keeping your energy levels up! 


Tip 3. Morning Aromatherapy

Lavender essential is very commonly used in the evening, but have you ever thought about what essential oils you could use first thing in the morning? 

Some essential oils have clinical research supporting claims that they may increase energy and relieve fatigue. The top five are peppermint, sweet orange, spearmint, rosemary, and lemon. 

Why not tie in your morning coffee in with a quick DIY facial? We love Salt + Steam, Rough Night Facial Steam, infused with peppermint and lemon. It helps boost energy and motivation levels so you bounce out your front door feeling raring to go. 

Keep scents that make you feel invigorated close by throughout your day. That way, you can reach for them when you need a lift (Nathalie Bond’s, Grapefruit & Bergamot Lip Balm is our personal must-have). 


Tip 4. Morning Rituals 

Starting and ending your day in the right way can have a huge effect on your energy levels.

One study of 700 people, done at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, found that those who either spent 1-2 hours outdoors daily or spent their days in a brightly lit room were less likely to have trouble sleeping or report anxiety. “Every single human, just as soon as possible after waking up, should go outside and get at least 15 minutes of direct natural light.,” says Breus, an LA-based sleep medicine specialist. 

So, get out for that morning dog walk, or why not enjoy your morning coffee al fresco? It will improve the quality of sleep, making you much happier and more productive during your day. 

For more tips on how to set yourself up for a great night’s sleep, check out our article (link) 


Tip 5. Time Blocking 

Starting the day with a plan can prevent you from getting sidetracked, or fatigued doing a task for too long.

Have you heard the saying, ‘Sitting is the new smoking’? Research has warned time and time again that “sitting disease” is real and of the increase in illness and shortening of life it can have. Sitting for long periods is not only bad for your health, but the lack of movement massively affects your energy levels, as discussed earlier. 

First thing in the morning, take some time to go through your calendar and a list of the things you’d like to achieve that day. Blockout each task into 30-60 minute periods, with time to move in between. If you work from home, you could use your breaks to catch up on life admin tasks (for example, 30 minutes focused work on writing up a report, 10 minutes to get some of that laundry put away that you’ve been putting off). 

Think about the time of day you tend to have the most energy and schedule the tasks that require the most from you in this period. The productivity technique of time blocking, will keep you focused, and more productive and remind you to keep active throughout your day. 


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