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Invest in Rest: The 5 S’s of Sleep 

A good night’s sleep is a game changer when it comes to feeling happier and more productive. Are you the type of person who leaps out of bed in the morning, feeling well-rested? Or, do you take a while to fall asleep, and toss and turn until you begrudgingly have to hit your alarm and drag yourself to make a coffee. If you are the latter, do not fear, we have some top tips that will help you drift off and get more of those much-needed ZZZs. 

1. Scent

As you will likely know, lavender is proven to be a favourite essential oil when it comes to bedtime. It works as an anxiety reliever and increases relaxation and calm, which in turn helps aid sleep. You will find in our sleep bundles this soothing scented oil features in the majority of the products included. 
As you transition from day to night, we recommend taking some time to ‘set the scene’ for sleep. Having a clean room, free of clutter with a calming aroma will help you drift off quicker once your head hits the pillow.
We love to pop a couple of our Sleeping Star, Wax Melts into a burner, or spritz the room with Manchester Home & Living's, Sleep Room Spray. 

2. Soak 

Studies show that taking a bath, 1-2 hours before hopping into bed helps you fall asleep faster. To create an indulging bathing experience for yourself, add a generous handful of Botanical Bloom’s, Time to Dream Bath Salts to the water.  Take some deep breaths and inhale the calming scent of pure lavender and frankincense essential oils.
Listen to your favourite evening playlist (our go-to is chilled Jazz) or a podcast.
Take the time, to do some body care, we love Salt + Steam's, Body
Scrub and Annings, Lavender & Bergamot Seashell Soap. They both make the perfect addition to an evening soak, with the combination of a calming and lightly spiced aroma.

Soak3. Stretch

When we’re rushing around all day, from one thing to the next, it’s very easy to neglect our own needs and not take the time to reconnect with ourselves at the end of each day.

Take some time out to do some light evening stretches, releasing any tension that has built up from your day. If you need some inspiration, give this bedtime Yin yoga routine a go. No need for a yoga mat, you can do this right from your bed, before falling asleep.

We love Nathalie Bond’s, Unwind body oil for an evening foot massage, which is part of this yoga practice. A study found that foot reflexology produces significant improvements in sleep disturbances - so definitely worth a go! When finishing your practice in Savasana, we love to use Sensory Retreat’s, Heated Eye Mask to soothe tired eyes from the day. 

4. Sip

Saying no to an after-dinner espresso is something you will have heard many times before. But did you know that it can take up to 10 hours to completely clear caffeine from your bloodstream?

Dozy Girl Tea by Bird & Blend is our go in the evening. 

Enjoy in a warm bath, or whilst doing some journaling before bed. Sunny Sencha and Morning Kick, featured in our Energy Bundles are ideal if you’re looking for that caffeine-free kick first thing in the morning. 


5. Self-Care 

Self-care can come in many forms and can be simple as setting yourself up for the next day. Pack your bag, so you’re not stressfully turning the house upside down looking for your keys, or making yourself a healthy lunch to enjoy.
Take ten minutes to reconnect through meditation or journaling, or spend a little bit more time on your skincare. Ultimately making life easier for ‘future you’, will make falling asleep that evening a little bit easier and help to eliminate any anxiety you might have.
Ready to take the first steps towards better sleep? We hope this guide gave you some ideas on how to use the products featured in our  Sleep Bundles and incorporate them into your bed-time rituals. For more on the amazing people featured in this bundle, head the Makers section of our Journal - you can read all our interviews there. If you want to repurchase any of the products features - head to our gift store.